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Mailbox & Municipal Services

Mailbox Service 

RCA design guidelines specify the particular type of mailbox and post that must be used. Contact the RCA office to submit a request for installation or repairs. If your mailbox is one of several on a post, the cost will automatically be divided among those homeowners.
Plow Damage: If your mailbox/post is damaged by a plow, contact us, then contact the plow company (whether private operator or the Town of Lysander) to request reimbursement.

Local & Municipal Services 

Animal Control
Many residents in Radisson enjoy having pets as part of their families. The Town of Lysander has codes and procedures regarding the care and licensure of domestic animals, dogs in particular. Leash laws, dog control, and concerns about barking are all addressed on their website and are enforced/supported by CNY SPCA. Contact them at 315-454-0928.

Concerns about standing water, slow drains and the like should be directed to the Lysander Town Engineer. 315-857-0291 or

Snow Removal/Plowing
The streets of Radisson are plowed and maintained by the Town of Lysander Highway Department. Please contact them directly with any related questions, concerns or complaints. 315-635-5551 or

Street Lights
National Grid services the street lights in Radisson. Dim, intermittent, and/or failed street lights may be reported directly to National Grid or call 1-800-867-5222. You can also contact the RCA office and we will contact them on your behalf. In either case, please read the National Grid number on the light post before making a report and note the closest street address so that the outage is noted correctly.

Issues with Pathway lights can be reported to the RCA.

Wild animal sightings are common in Radisson. If the behavior of a particular animal causes you to think it may be ill, please contact the County Health Department Center for Animal Disease Control at 315-435-3165.